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Angeline Cty
L'Atelier du Vagabond - Givry - France

Passionnée de dessin depuis l'enfance c'est tout naturellement qu 'Angeline a troqué les crayons contre les dermographes après un passage à l'école d'Arts. Aimant particulièrement la nature, elle en fait sa plus grande inspiration en travaillant sur des paysages, des bestiaires en dotwork et ornemental.

Having a gift for drawing since small, body art has always interested and fascinated me. Without job, I took this opportunity to offer me my first machine and gear to start on my ass, brother and mates. Blabla and FB did the rest. I started to have customers and create my little world. My style is quite daPassionate about drawing since childhood, it is natural that Angeline exchanged the pencils for the dermographs after a passage at the Arts school. Particularly loving nature, she made it her greatest inspiration by working on landscapes, bestiaries in dotwork and ornamental. rk, fancy dark. With more feminine touches, pink arabesques. It's been almost 8 years that I am thoroughly in this area that has become my passion.

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